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19 March `04
Gone fishin`

Yep tommorrow morning I am going to head off into the yonder and hopefully catch some fish. I cant think of a more relaxing way to spend my saturday morning and de-stress as Sunday is going to be a big day, one of my friends is getting married and I am in the bridal party so that means my whole Sunday will be spent doing formalities. To top it all off I bought a good pair of shoes today for $200, talk about overkill!

The shintara photography site link is working, but I dont have any content on it as yet. At the moment I am in dire financial and time constraints, those damn shoes I mentioned above really hit the hip pocket! Why do I do that to myself?!?

Hill End and back via the Bridle Track

Latest Imagary

The jetty/wharf at Tathra is riddled with fish scales, it smells like fish, the people on it wear flanalette shirts and trackpants but, its one of the most prettiest places I have been to, and I love it! A place I will definatly go back to.

Lenses and Cameras
I got my camera back from Canon today, for those of you that dont know I own a 10D which is renound for producing 'unsharp' images, one of the problems I was having. As I expected Canon says there is no problem with the camera and the images are fine, I am yet to test the camera since getting it back - it also had a sensor clean, which if you looked closely on the photos you probably would have noticed the speckles of dirt in the same places.

After picking the camera up I am a little dissapointed in Canon, I suppose that I am being a little picky but I was hoping that they would possibly load the latest firmware on the camera or at the least give me a little more feedback about it.

If I could go back I would have gone for the Nikon D100, Nikon seem to have a wider range of lenses, especially catering for the digital community such as thier 12-24mm lens, a 10mm fisheye and to say the least thier lenses are alot less in cost than the equivalent Canon L series. The picture quality seems be be sharper and the colours seem to be more vibrant, most would say 'but you can enhance and manipulate digital images'. Maybe I feel a little dissapointed in Canon at the moment. When I get my hands on some L series lenses I will see if there is a difference.

Well for the time being thats all, take care.