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The PF project

What is the PF project?
The PF project is basically a log of my OpenBSD firewall project, it may help others who are thinking of making an OpenBSD firewall for thier cable/dsl connection. Why am I doing this you may ask? I have a D-Link DI-804 router and personally I think its a heap of shit! My netgear router resides at my girlfriends house (by far a superior router for the same price), the D-Link router played its role for a little while but if your like me and want a stealth secure broadband connection then the D-Link isnt the way to go. There were 2 MAJOR faults with the D-Link that were really annoying me, firstly it responded to ping requests - this to me is a real no no because I dont want people to know that I exist on the internet and secondly it doesnt log.

Most people dont bother reading through thier firewall logs, and to tell you the truth I dont bother much with them, just a quick skim through to make sure everything is going OK. Recently on my g/f's dsl connection I suffered a huge DDoS attack which pretty much brought the connection to a standstill - not fun when it happens to you and its pretty hard to trace back when there are hundreds of different IP addresses pinging you. The importance of logs told me that something was wrong and I rectified it, if I was using the D-Link router on that connection I wouldnt have known what was going on.

I will have a few write ups on making an OpenBSD firewall for those that want to give it a go, or are just interested in reading. But that will be posted very soon, stay tuned till then.