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3 March `04
It seems like every day life is throwing new hurdles at me, the question I ask is am I a long distance runner/hurdler?

It seems like new challenges are getting thrown at me every day, work is frustrating because it takes me an hour and ten minutes to travel there and I dont want to leave as there are tremendous opportunities there for me if I stick it through - the traffic to work is kneecapping me every damn day and Sydney has the worst most ignorant and idiotic drivers I have come across!

I have decided to remove my about section and tone it down, if I get prospective employers looking through that section as it is now I dont think I will be getting a job with them - that is unless they are open minded and most arent. So the about me section will be down for a short while.

I finally got my (now not so) new notebook fully working with FreeBSD 5.2 which has really come a long way since I first started using FreeBSD when it was version 4.2 - its kind of like the anniversary edition for me.

Check out Hill End and back via the Bridle Track. I know this is old news but I am going to start work on the photography section which will include that.

Latest Imagary

A new style of photo for me, I was taking a few shots of the new kittens we got, crazy little buggers they are, and this scene popped up where one of them is looking at me through the reflection.

Lenses and Cameras
Let it be known that I wont be having a decent wide angle lens for some time, the 17-35mm Sigma beast is going to be sold very soon, I need to pay off some bills and start saving for an L series version, most of my lenses will be going over the next few months as I am going to upgrade to the more serious stuff. Not saying that Sigma make bad lenses, but for the photography that I want to take I will need lenses with a more professional edge.

I am also going to save up for a Noblex 135S panoramic camera which is a film version, I have been wanting one of these for a long time and its going to be a long time before I get one ;-)

Last week I got back from an enjoyable and relaxing trip to Melbourne and then back to Sydney via the coastal route. My only regret is not taking more time off work to explore the gorgeous south coast.

Dan from vilesilencer joined me on the trip in which I had to go to a bucks night in Melbourne. Sydney to Melbourne via the Hume Hwy was a rather boring trip appart from a stop at Gundagai (I have probably spelt that wrong) and Melbourne itself, as fascinating and beautiful as I find it wasnt that great due to time constrictions - I really wanted to do some more exploring. We did take a tram ride through Melbournes Eastern Suburbs where we met an interesting character on the tram who didnt get that hint that we didnt want to speak to him.

Travelling from Melbourne to Lakes Entrance was a damn boring trip aswell, but Lakes Entrance was worth it, what a beautiful place - pity I didnt get any time to explore. From Lakes Entrance we travelled up the Princess Hwy through some very contrasting country, vast and fertile rain forests, to undulating pastoral land and boring bush! We camped at Eden by the water side for a night, consumed a long neck of Tooheys Old and ate pizza that was terrible. The pizza maker (chef, cook or whatever you want to call her) seemed to think it was the best pizza on earth, she really needed to eat at La Fornea (I really cant spell) woodfire pizza at Condel Park in Sydney and then make comparisons to her pizza!

We got up early and showered, boy I love communal shower blocks - tinea all the way! Then left Eden on track to Bermagui via Bega and Tathra - Tathra is a place of coastal beauty - I am going to visit there again. After travelling through some spectacular country side we ended up at Bermagui, a small fishing town on the Southern Coast of NSW. We camped right on the water and fished the next day, staying at Bermagui for two nights.

Up at the crack of dawn to a rainey day, that spoilt the trip home I had preparted via the Wadbilliga National park. After packing up camp we set off via cobargo and then through the Deua National Park and a fire trail that I nearly got bogged in due to mud and a 45 degree slope - I almost learnt my lesson hard way, and that is when it rains and is slippery dont bother going via unsealed roads and fire trails, your bound to get into trouble. After reaching Araluen it was bitumen all the way home.

I am definatly going to adventure down to the South Coast again, this time I hope it doesnt rain!
Till next time - Dave.