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14 September `03
If I was still using Microsoft Windows I wouldnt know now where near as much as I know now!

The transition of knowing how to write a mirc script (an expansion of the IRC program mirc) and simple web pages to understanding network topologies, writing and building my own firewalls, understanding DNS, knowing and understanding UNIX, modifying the FreeBSD kernel, understanding perl, writing complex websites and the list goes on and on and on - would not have been possible for me if I didnt switch to UNIX based operating systems. What are you waiting for, unleash yourself as a power computing user, STOP holding yourself back by using Windows!

Remember these simple words - anyone can punch characters or numbers into a Windows interface to see an outcome. Dont you want to know whats going on, how it works and what you did to make it work? You dont see that in Windows, if you could you would be able to see the source code :]

Not another lacking update!?!
Its been tough, I have been busy, really busy, time has been slipping away - as a matter of fact time seems to be non existant in regards to the things that I want to do.

What have I done this week? DNS has been the flavour of the week, I built 2 DNS servers this week, both on FreeBSD and both chrooted (kind of like a jail, if someone gets access to the machine through DNS they will be locked in the cell - thats the simplest explination). I have also been trying to get my netgear router to log to a FreeBSD machine, which has been achieved but the problem lies in the fact that it wont log to the file I want it to log to!?! And...

Bad news for the PF Project - due to a faulty system (dont ever in your life consider using a Cyrix processor on a machine with importance) the OpenBSD gateway/firewall (maybe I should call it a bridge) has crashed and I cant get the machine to reboot. I should have known better as the machine has done this to me before, but I replaced the hard disk, put new RAM in it and reloaded it - it worked fine until the other day! Back to the drawing board, but this next weekend coming I will do a complete editorial on the set up process.

By the way, I ordered a brand spanking new Pro Mouse from Apple last night - I should get it by the end of this week :]

Dont bank with the Commonwealth
I am now officially at war with the Commonwealth Bank - they have stuffed me around enough.

First up, about 5 weeks ago I deposited some money into my credit card through a teller at a Commonwealth branch, a week ago I get a phone call from a Commonwealth debt collector saying I owe money on the card - I state that I payed an amount via a branch, the lady looks through her system and tells me nothing has been deposited. Lucky for me I kept the deposit slip so I went to the particular branch at lunch to sort the issue out. After waiting in a cue for about 30 minutes they tell me that they are going to have to call all the deposit slips back for that day so they can see where the money went which takes about 2 weeks to sort - meanwhile I am the one who has debt collectors chasing me.

About a week later I go to that same Commonwealth branch to withdraw a term deposit which has matured, I wait 30 minutes again to get served, they then tell me I have to wait in the other cue as they dont deal with that transaction at that particular teller. I patiently wait another 10 minutes and get served by a female who speaks broken english, she fills in the paper work checks my drivers licence as ID writes the license number down and also jots down my key card number as ID - I managed to get her to make me a photocopy of this so I can throw it back in thier face if they stuff this up.

To add injury to insult the next day I get a message on my mobile phone voice mail saying that my signature doesnt match and I will have to go in and veryify with them that its me who is withdrawing the money. Is it just me or are these people stupid, firstly they verified my ID with my drivers licence and key card and secondly if I was withdrawing money fraudulently why would I withdraw it into one of MY other accounts where I have to provide a passbook and a signature to get the money from it! These people are idiots.

Back to the Commonwealth Bank during my lunch break, and this time I am left waiting for 40 minutes - it takes them 10 minutes to work out that yep this is me who is withdrawing from my account and then to fax all the paper work through. I also enquired about the money I deposited into my credit card - still no luck with those deposit slips. I am now left with a dirty taste in my mouth and as soon as I get the chance I will withdraw every cent I have from the CommonRort Bank and hopefully find someone else who can rip me off and treat me like a fool!

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