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3 August `03
Question of the week. Does toe jam smell?

I am still waiting to pick the powerbook up, my fingers cant wait to walk over the keyboard, my eyes cant wait to view that 17" screen and my ears cant wait to hear the sound that comes from its speakers. Tommorow evening wont come sooner, I just want to pick it up.

My life is processed - Part III
Kentucky Fried Chicken - KFC was my dinner on Saturday night, the grease dripped from my fingers, the chicken screamed "I am DEEP fried" the chips had heaps of chicken salt, the potato and gravy slid down my throat and the coleslaw gave the meal a sweet finish.

Am I passionate about my food?

The irony of it all
I picked this article out of a local newspaper.

Where is the site heading? What content will it hold? What will it be about?

Well my ideas, thoughts and interests are evolving and changing. Over the last few months my interest in photography has grown 10 fold, when ever I get the chance to photograph something I take it. I used to love photographing landscapes, that interest has faded slightly and the action and pace of animal photography has taken over.

I would like shintara to turn into a portal for my photography, but there are still the aspects of the IRC channel that I am heavily involved with - #Help.Security, there are computer security issues that I am very interested in and of course there is the UNIX environment. These are areas that I would like to keep, but the maintenece of such things is costly in time. And next year I will be starting my Master of IT post graduate degree. What will the content be on here, will I be able to maintain everything that I would like to? Only the future will tell.

Latest Imagary

I have just worked out one of my biggest problems in photography - I own a lens that has a constant f2.8, I keep using this aperture to shoot moving subjects!

Image specs:
Camera: Canon EOS 10d, Lens: 70-200mm Sigma
Shooting mode: Manual, Shutter speed: 1/1500, Aperture: 2.8, Focal length: 200mm, ISO: 400