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7 September `03
You know you love it, I do... greasy kebabs rock my world!

All is very stagnant at the moment, I am in a very lazy mood, its Sunday and tommorow is Monday and Monday means the start of a new working week - I HATE work! Though I think this week I am going to do some serious work on shintara, let it be known that I said that, but whether it carries through is another story :]

The image below sums up my geekly week...

I bought a couple Compaq Deskpro computers this week, both were 400MHz Pentium 2 machines without a hard disk or memory and they set me back $100 for the 2. One is already in use as a DNS server on the LAN at my parents house, the other is yet to be alocated its role and knowing me its going to be a workhorse somewhere, it might become a web, data base, DNS, DHCP and FTP server somewhere.

I promise I will update the PF Project section this week, more than likely a 'howto install OpenBSD on a spare computer'.

My life is processed - Part V
As quickly as it all started going well I have slipped downhill! I went out with a few former work colleagues last night, the general concensus was that I had lost some wieght, which was good. So I decided to splurge last night for desert and had a pudding and ice cream which wasnt to bad, but today was the day of reckoning - the old KFC monster took hold of my collar and made me eat till I was full. In light of all last nights transpirations I feel and look like a tub of lard today!
Latest Imagary

Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, definatly post card material when lit up at night.

Image specs:
Camera: Canon EOS 10d, Lens: 17-35mm Sigma
Shooting mode: Manual, Shutter speed: 30, Aperture: 9.5, Focal length: 33mm, ISO: 100