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6 August `03
Useless joke: A horse walks into a bar sits down and orders a drink, the barman looks at the horse and says 'why the long face'

I GOT IT!! My fingers are walking over the keyboard, my eyes are gazing over the massive 17" LCD screen and the sounds that come out of the speakers are amazingly clear. This powerbook is HUGE!! I love it, it is damn awesome, its super fast and the screen is crystal clear.

I dont think I will be able to use a pc again, OK I might be lying, how about I dont think I will be able to use a pc that runs Micro$oft Windows again. UNIX is the only other operating system is that I will be able to use, and I think that I will delete Windows completely from my compaq laptop!

My life is processed - Part VI
I feel as though I am doing a little better than my last experience of KFC. Today was my first episode of processed junk food, I ate quite a nice potato pie at work for morning tea. Not to bad I suppose but its still not solving my fatty food intake problems - slowly but surely I will shed my excess kilo's!
Over the last few weeks I have been taking notice of the complaints that teachers are making about thier pay, thier conditions and basically everything they can whinge and whine about. They plan and they actually take strike action. This really annoys me as I personally dont think teachers would know what hard work is all about.

Hospital ancillary staff work twice as hard and twice as long, we dont get anywhere near the holidays that teachers get - though most teachers would argue that they have to mark papers and prepare for classes. I totally disagree with that, a teacher that has been in the workforce for a couple of years will already have planned thier full year of work for thier particular class. Marking papers may take time, but in reality how much time does doing that really take?

Ancillary staff includes nurses, nurses aids, radiographers, wardsmen and of the likes, we work shift work, we work late hours, we do our jobs without a great amount of complaint, we have to deal with patients who are clean, dirty, have highly contagious diseases, are at risk of contracting life threatening diseases, we help in saving lives and in the field that I am in - radiography, without us the whole process of diagnosis and progress of treatment is NULL. Due to our duty of care we find it hard to strike to get a pay rise and in all reality we have a MAJOR shortage of staff, yet we still slug it through. One way to solve this staffing shortage would be a pay increase, we are involved in the saving of lives every day and night of the week. Education is important - yes its very important as what does the future for our country hold without education of the youth? It is catch 22, but it really upsets me to see teachers striking yet I dont think thier work and workload is anywhere near what the allied health professional encounters on a daily basis.

Some food for thought!?!

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