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4 October `03
Never EVER, I repeat, NEVER EVER buy a Web Excel PT-3808 ADSL modem!

After reading a some good reviews of this modem and seeing the added bonus of the price I went out and purchased it for my ADSL connection at home. From the moment I plugged that nugget of creamy coloured shit into the power outlet and phone socket I discovered the meaning of not second but third rate quality. Not only did it take me a while to get the connection working, but the silly thing keeps timing out and failing to reconnect (even though the automatic reconnect has been ticked). I tried multiple configurations, searched the web for help and even turned the modem (which has a built in router with NAT functioning that is worse than having no firewall at all) into a transparent bridge - all to no avail.

The NAT function that is mentioned above is a total joke and there are ports left open - like telnet and httpd which can be logged into via the internet side of the modem. If you dont block these ports and leave the standard admin pass of epicrouter the modem will definatly be owned by someone cruising the net. If you have one of these nuggets and want to block these 2 ports log into the router and click on virtual server, from there you add the internet port of 23, lan port of 23 and direct the traffic to a made up IP address like (which isnt a valid IP address), and do the same for port 80 to disable outside access to your web configuration. Last but not least dont forget to disable the FTP server! What a joke this modem/router is!

I have with some regret dropped my Optus cable connection and gone for ADSL, not because of the quality of Optus (in my opinion they would be the best Aussie broadband ISP if they stopped thier custom blocking of ports). Also I am on a tight budget at the moment (I get a pay rise on the 10th of December :]) and going with Swift ADSL is the cheaper alternative.

The PF project has come to a complete standstill until I get a new ADSL modem, then I will be rebuilding that machine from scratch. By the time I do get enough cash we could be a couple of weeks away from this happening as I have to get some repairs done on my car and I would really like to get a 50mm macro lens which would complete my camera bag.

Whats in the baggage?
Another short update for this week (should I say fortnight!?!). I have alot to say but no time to say it and the worst part is when I do have the time to say it, its not coming out! Life sucks!

As I do every update I will promise that I will do some more updates, especially to the UNIX section and the photography section, maybe this time it will fall through and I will do those updates, but work is taking up alot of my time, having a girlfriend is taking up some of my time, trying to keep in contact with friends is taking up my time and plans of study and becoming an `educator` are taking up even more of my time. So till next "time" stay cool, keep happy and dont forget to trim those toe nails!

Latest Imagary

One of my all time favourite photos, very late afternoon just after the sun has set over the Hunter Valley country side - the wind is blowing the branches of the tree.

Image specs:
Camera: Canon EOS 10d, Lens: 17-35mm Sigma
Shooting mode: Manual, Shutter speed: 15, Aperture: 16, Focal length: 22mm, ISO: 100