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31 July `03
Useless bit of advice for the week: If you dont wash your feet, they will smell!?!

Well this is the look I am going to keep for the time being, nothing too flashy but nothing boring, yet simple and easy enough to maintain without ripping what little hair I have left out. I am going to start transporting all the content on the old site over to here, it will take a small amount of time, patience is a virtue :]

They came they saw, they drank, they slept, they geeked, they pondered, they thought, they gave opinions and they conquered. Who are they? Brad, Dan and myself :] !?! Wild Turkey and Jack Daniels was drunk, the adsl connection was spanked, 3 laptops ran wild on my LAN and we unashamedly sat on IRC and talked, made fun off and listened to people online. Last night was crazy, I didnt get to sleep till about 4 am, the others followed suite at about 6-ish! Damn those crazy geeks!

My life is processed - Part II
Pizza, probably my most favoured food was part of the dinner menu last night. The night before I ate chocolate mudcake and vanilla ice cream. Want to know what is really scary? I weighed myself at work on Monday - 90Kgs, I need to get off my fat ass and lose some weight. Gone are the body building days, welcome the fat/lard arse days. I am not going to succumb to being processed anymore, I am going to take affirmative action - I hope!?!
The rest
I start my new job next Monday (as I stated in my last post) and for the first time in my life I am looking forward to going to work, I dont know why and I cant understand this feeling as work is probably the most dreaded word in my vocabulary!

The new powerbook will be under my hot little fingers on Saturday - I cant wait to start using it. The full description of using it will plague the headlines of my next post.

Marxism was the thought going through my head the other night, 'proletariat - the social class that lived from selling its labour power' and 'bourgeoisie - in short, the workers'. The theory of Marxism is the basis for Communism, put simply is where all social class is distributed evenly and everyone (in theory) wreaks the rewards as a community. Looking at such dictators as Stalin I dont think the theory worked!

Ebay at first glance to me seemed like a nice and simple place on the internet where people use the trade of auctioning to make transactions of goods. I have even bought a few items from ebay which have been quite worthwhile.

Sadly as with most things I have come to realise the truth to alot of things - my simple yet sometimes virginal mind amazes me. I almost lost $3400 in a transaction that I thought was safe, the other person (the seller) almost made me believe it was safe. It pays to look into things before jumping in head first, so as a word of warning to anyone who is contemplating buying something from Ebay - BE CAREFULL and keep away from wired transactions such as those done by Western Union. I have to admit Western Union were very helpful with me, they advised me not to go ahead with a very insecure transaction in which the seller of the goods guaranteed me was secure!

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