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20 October `03
What do you use your anatomical snuffbox for?

Does shintara look like every other website you have been to? Most websites do have a simular feel, I suppose content is what separates one from the other - but is there hope for making a site that has a feel or that looks individual? Will I be making some changes to shintara? As much as I want to I dont think I will be making any radical changes as I have settled on a look for the site that I am quite happy with and that loads relatively fast. Though I will be changing a few things around the site over time that will hopefully make it more asthetically pleasing.

By the way, I have updated the UNIX stuff - there are a few UNIX or UNIX related articles on there now, I will be adding more as time passes.

Latest Imagary

A break in the rain near me caused the incident light from the sun behind me to refract as it entered water droplets in the rain somewhere further away, the light then reflected inside the water drop and refracted again causing the phenomenum known as a rainbow! I was lucky enough to photograph this.
I had just got my 10d and was learning the ropes when this came up, and I wasnt going to miss it so I used auto exposure - I only wish I knew the camera as I do now, this could have been such a better photo!

Image specs:
Camera: Canon EOS 10d, Lens: 19-35mm Tokina
Shooting mode: Auto, Focal length: 19mm, ISO: 100

Geek Speak
Do you use Mac OS X? If so have you unleashed its full power and used the tcsh shell? Have you compiled the X server so you can run a wide range of UNIX applications via the GUI? You know you want to run the X server - visit the OS X XFree86 page to read about it and download it today.

Mac OS X is a very powerful operating system, I have migrated to it from a UNIX background and have found it to suits my needs as a power user, I still can use Micro$oft Office, Dreamweaver or Photoshop but unlike Microsoft Windows I am running in a stable environment. Because OS X is developed specifically for the power pc I dont have to worry about getting or modifying drivers to get things like sound or the modem to work - its all done and configured during the install. And of course Macintosh machines use only the best hardware so my 17" powerbook plays DVD's like I am in a cinema and the sound that comes out of the speakers is like I have a symphony orchestra playing right here in front of me.

Using OS X I can run and write UNIX shell scripts, I can open a terminal and have full control over my system (type 'top' in a term window and you can control and view all the system processes), I can run an apache server with php and mysql to test websites before production, languages like perl and python are standard due to the BSD/UNIX background, I can create and test DNS databases, I can ssh, I can configure and test networks (tcpdump :]), I can surf the web and do hundreds of things I couldnt do using Micro$oft Windows and what is more pleasing is that its a pretty interface that I do these things with. I bet all you Windows users are really upset at hearing all that - I crossed that line and stepped to the other side, I aint going back!

Photography Speak
A few weeks ago a friend of mine asked me to take some photo's for him as he was making a brochure for the Commonwealth Bank's new childrens promotion. It was the first time I have ever actually done a set up photo shoot, and the first time I have ever photographed people. Upon viewing the photos back at his work place there were a few good ones, I am glad to report that one of those photos made the brochure cover, which means I am going to have the cash to get the new lens that I have wanted for a while.

The moral of that story - there isnt one! Take care and till next time stay cool and remember to clip your toe nails, dont chew on them as toe jam doesnt taste good.