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6 February `04
Foxtel is eating my mind!

I have become a Simpsons addict, I watch the wrestling, am glued to the geographic channels and when there is nothing else on I can be found staring aimlessly at the MTV channel.

My Compaq notebook got stolen a few weeks ago and I got a new one via insurance - I now have a daunting task ahead of me, that is to install FreeBSD on this baby. So far I have got wireless networking to work but I cant get the X server to work, this is really trying my patience. I now know why I love my Mac.
Check out Hill End and back via the Bridle Track.

Latest Imagary

Late afternoon in the Hunter Valley, sunsetting over the bush backdrop - quite a picturesque place to be, wish I was there now :p

Lenses and Cameras
I will be getting the macro lens that I have been wanting to get for quite some time very soon, the Canon 100mm f/2.8 macro and I cant wait to start using the damn thing as I havent been taking many photographs over the last few months - that is mainly because I havent had the inspiration I need, the time to do it and the gear that I need to take the photos that I want.

The macro lens is just one of the pieces of camera gear that I need to explore the next level of photography, I also am pondering on getting a panoramic camera (which unfortunatly wont be digital). The problem I have with getting the panoramic camera is that I cant afford the damned thing, just sinking to depth of mortgagism (is there such a word) I am forking out money every month to pay of the house we (my partner and I) bought over 30 years - yep thats right 30 years! Who knows I might get my Noblex or Xpan in 30 years time heh.

So to help circumvent this dilemma that I am facing I am pondering on selling one of my lenses which I rarely use, the sigma 50-500mm lens. Now I dont want to do this because I know that when I do sell the lens I am going to regret it because the opportunity to use it will come. Ahh the dilemma's I face in life, such a trivial matter while others struggle to put food on thier plate.

You may or may not have noticed that I have removed a couple of links from the top of my site, namely Rel and Telstra Chat. Rel emailed me recently (via the contact form on this very site - I love ya Rel :P) and asked me to remove the link, so being the down to earth, modest and lovable chap that I am I removed the link at her request.

Now your probably wondering about Telstra Chat and why thier link is missing - well in my books Telstra SUCK! I am sick of money hungry teleco giants getting hits from my site (thats if anyone bothers clinking on there, or even reading this!), I may aswell link to for some telstra support/software development. I wonder if they "make life easier" in India?

If you have reached this far your a far better person than what I am, and congratulations on the effort to get to here. I start my first postgraduate university subject this semester which is Project Management so you probably wont be seeing alot of me on these updates - well not that you have seen a great deal of me on here of late, but I have been a busy beaver (probably not the best choice of words). In between camping, getting bitten by black snakes, working, being in a relationship, trying to study, trying to maintain a business on the side and taking photos life has gotten the better of me.

Take care and God bless.