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Hill End and back via the Bridle Track
Hill End is a great place to travel to, the scenery and landscape is sensational, the quiet and private state of being is a spectacular get away and its historic origins can be traced back to the mid 1800's. From a four wheel drive perspective Hill End offers some nice little tracks that take you to some special scenic points and it offers what can be classed as a great track that starts at Hill End and takes you to Bathurst - the Bridle Track. My journey starts from the intersection of Sofala Rd and Hill End Rd and is plotted through to Hill End and then through to the end of the Bridle Track.

Hill End Rd is mostly an unsealed road with some sealed section (these are increasing slowly to accomodate tourism in Hill End). If you have a brand new vehicle and dont want stone chips on your duco I would recommend not going to Hill End as the following photos illustrate there is a lot of gravel to travel through.

Hill End Rd can be travelled by any kind of vehicle though having a 4wd is a distinct advantage.

It takes about half an hour to fourty five minutes to reach Hill End from the start of Hill End Rd. You know your there when you reach the following sign.