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25 July `03
Where is the future heading......?

Another few days of procrastination (hmmm dont care if I spelt it wrong!), I have done nothing at all to the new site and I just cant be bothered. I got the latest addition to my camera lens kit today - the Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 APO lens. I love it, with the lens came a 2x teleconverter so the lens can become a 140-400mm f/5.6 lens with it attached and what is even better is the teleconverter is compatable with my 50-500mm Sigma lens - the sky is the limit!

The second accessory is the "premier" lens back pack, which is a bloody great idea. It has compartments that fit all my lenses and my camera body in a nice snuggly fit. Its all good on the camera front here.

For those that are interested, the very outdated and very old version of shintara is here.

My life is processed
The other day at lunch I was sitting at a kebab shop enjoying a beef kebab with lettuce, tomato, hommus and barbeque sauce and a thought struck me, it actually shocked me to tell you the truth, I couldnt believe what my life had turned into - "my life is processed".

Since as long as I can remember I have been eating fast food of the "processed" type - I love my Big Mac's, I love my pizza's, I love Red Rooster, I love kebabs, I "enjoy" coke, I eat salami's, I drink alcohol and enjoy the pleasure of eating hot chips with heaps of chicken salt. I need to make a change and I am going to do that next Monday (its always good to start things like this on a new week). The question is, how long will my new lease for health last?

I start my new job Monday week, its going to be a welcome change to the usual things I am used to. As a matter of fact I think I will be much more relaxed, relaxed enough to finish work on the new look shintara site. Come to think of it I am going to post a screenshot of what it looks like. Click here to see what the new shintara will look like when I do decide to finish it.

Next week I will be owning something slick and sleek, the new Apple Powerbook with a 17" screen, I cant wait to take it for a test drive and to feel the speed and power that will be under my fingertips.

Am I the only freak who has compiled the IRC client BitchX on mac OS/X? Thank the Lord that Apple did something right and used the BSD kernel in thier OS/X operating system, its one of the main reason I use the operating system now.

Click here for the geeky screenshot! I hope this inspires some, and it might even be an opening for others to port unix applications to OS/X, lets keep our fingers crossed.

Latest Imagary

One of the test shots that I took today with the new 70-200mm lens - more to come :]