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25 September `03
Happy Birthday Rel!

Nothing much to say appart from curses to the person(s) that tried to break into the shit box of a loan car that I have while my car is in the smash repairs. Who in thier right mind would try to break into a 1980-something model Holden Barina that looks like its been to hell and back? Some people really need a bullet to thier head.

Iam working on a new server project, which will be released to the world wide web when its done, and it has something to do with the PF project.

If you read the past geek sections you might get a drift of what I am going to do, if you cant figure it out you will just have to wait till its done and finished.

This is all I have to say for this update, I am going away this weekend so the next update will be next week some time. If I am in the same mood as I have been this week you might be waiting another week after that for an update - sorry to the regular readers but at the moment I just dont have the time to do any updates.

Latest Imagary

A storm is forming, the clouds are getting ready to spill thier water over the country side.

Image specs:
Camera: Canon EOS 10d, Lens: 17-35mm Sigma
Shooting mode: Manual, Shutter speed: 1/45, Aperture: 19, Focal length: 19mm, ISO: 100