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11 May `04
I am starting to do some work on a new design, I have already scrapped one which was a revamp of an old design that didnt make the final cut. The moral of that story is 'if it didnt make the cut last time, it wont make it this time'.

Work has been really busy for me these last couple of days, I have been part of the team that is doing an overview of various computed radiography systems and that means that I have been writing reports on the systems we have seen. I am supposed to be doing a report on a system tonight but I am just too tired and worn out, I will probably do it tommorow night.

This weekend I am heading off on another camping/fishing expidition, hopefully I will catch some huge mutha fish. I have a funny feeling that I am going to freeze my arse off on the weekend, my friend and myself are heading down south and that can only mean that its going to be freaking icy cold. I am going to rug up like crazy.

Hill End and back via the Bridle Track
The above link is starting to become very stale, but I cant be bothered changing it for the time being - call me lazy if you wish :]

The Pay Rise That Never Came
A couple of Fridays ago the the Health Services Union along with NSW state wide Radiographers had organised to strike for a 20% pay rise, which we truly deserve.

The Department of Health was quick to intervene and stop the strike by ordering a meeting a couple of days before the proposed strike, which forced the stoppage of the strike. Now the perspective to take from where radiographers stand is that without any x-rays hospitals will come to a stand still, doctors need us to diagnose patients and with the modern day world we live in there is always a great chance of litigation against a doctor if he/she hasnt used modalities fully to try and diagnose a patients problem. This means the first step is to x-ray a patient and then to CT them if further investigation is needed. An x-ray or CT is a medico-legal document which can show that a doctor has been thorough in thier examination with the patient and for the short (or long) time they have been in emergency or in a ward they have had adequate diagnosis. X-rays are also used for progress, real time or interventional purposes, for example if you fracture your arm an x-ray will diagnose the fracture and how bad it is, if you need to go to operating theatre the reduction of the fracture is done under real time x-ray guidance.

Now with that in mind you could safely say that without x-rays life would be very tough for doctors to diagnose, treat and follow up on patients, and there would be a lot of litigation taken against doctors because many pathologies would be missed, misdiagnosed or not treated correctly. It would be safe to say that without any form of x-rays it would be impossible to make accurate diagnosis or to accurately treat patients. This to me indicates the importance of x-rays in the medical system, without them chaos would reign supreme.

The Department of Health made up a few dicky excuses to stop the strike and to basically buy them time, one of these excuses was that we need to simplify our award - what a LAME excuse. So now we are still on the same level of pay, we havent striked and we are now going to have to reorganise another strike. The Department of Health are bastards!

Latest Imagary

A black and white morning photo at Hill End that I took a few weeks ago. The colour version didnt do the photo any justice, greyscale gives it the feel that it needs.

Crazy Sydney
I am sick of the idiotic moronic bastardry that happens on Sydney roads. This morning I was waiting at an intersection to turn right, there is a car that I am waiting to pass through the intersection when I hear a loud BEEP from the truck behind me. This idiot through his inconsiderate barbaric thought processes was beeping me to go which would have caused me to collide with the car in the intersection.

Every morning I put up with bastards on the road, from people driving so damn slow I could get out and over take them by running, to people cutting me off or pulling out in front of me through stop signs. Its so damn crazy on Sydney roads! I am still trying to figure out where all this bastardry sprouted from, it feels like I am heading into a war zone just driving to and from work every day!

I give up...!