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2 November `03
People who are considered to be good at things are percieved to be this way because they are good at covering thier mistakes.

I have struck a very lazy time in my life, I wish I came across a huge amount of money so I could just be totally lazy and not have to ever work - but I know this is not going to happen, but hey dreams are for free.

Latest Imagary
Back by popular demand...

Standing about 20 metres away from a group of goats with my 50-500mm Sigma lens mounted on my tripod I took a light reading through the 10d's light meter and set my exposure, I quickly flicked to AI Servo and continous shooting. I zoomed the lens out to 500mm, the lens hunted a little as this Sigma one often does on AI Servo, I finally focused, they were in front of me I held the shutter button down and kept it down - click, click, click... 9 frames of continuous shooting and the result is seen above. I have aptly titled this photo "goat fuckers".

Image specs:
Camera: Canon EOS 10d, Lens: 50-500 Sigma
Shooting mode: Manual, Shutter speed: 1/180, Aperture: 5.6, Focal length: 500mm, ISO: 400

Web War?!?
There seems to be a slight tiff between two of my close online friends, namely Scott from darklemon and Brad from iserv over what I class as a second (possibly even third) rate ADSL provider - Bigpond Broadband. After reading the posts - unfortunatly I didnt see Brads post on Scotts drowning post, but it seems the initial Bigpond post by Scott has moved into the area of blogging and Macintosh. Unfortunatly I have zero respect for the Windows operating system and if architectures (mainstream intel and AMD are a very cheap version of the top of the line product, which power pc is very comparable to the likes of the xeon processor - perfect example is the G5) and economic climates were different (if we take note that all people who are part of the higher social and economic scale prefer to use Mac) I am sure the overall computer market would be a different scenario. Hey I can do things on my Mac that I was never able to do using an only Windows environment or an only UNIX environment - its the perfect inbetween system that allows the best of both worlds - I think thats the way everyone should look at it.

Not siding with anyone I do think that Bigpond Broadband really needs to get thier act together, as it is supposedly the leading company in telecommunications and its not setting a good example. So why do I have a Telstra chat link on the top of my site if my feelings are like this? Over the years that I have chatted I have made a few good friends, one of whom is Ted or known as ancient on Telstra chat, the respect I have for this man is probably what has kept me chatting on Telstra chat for all those years, I have learnt alot from him and he has made me look at a things in a different way. Most people would think that I only chat because I am an IRC operater on that particular server but to be honest I dont really care much for IRC anymore (I rarely oper myself these days) due to a number of people gaining IRC operator status who dont possess any computer/IRC skills what so ever. To put it plainly/bluntly when you go to a help channel does it make you feel confident that your getting help from someone who has the same knowledge or less than you about IRC or computers. Then again I dont know everything so if you asked me a question I probably wouldnt be able to answer it as I dont know much either ;]

The moral of the story is dont use Bigpond Broadband, there are many other cheaper/better alternatives out there and use what ever computer/operating system suits you - just because Scott and myself use Apple doesnt mean its right for you or because Brad is a Windows advocate doesnt mean that its suited to your needs - you need to try before you buy. I started out using Windows, moved to Linux, dabbled in BeOS, then used FreeBSD for 2 years before finally picking Mac OS X as my home!

Photography Speak
I havent had any time to get out there and take photos over these last few weeks. When I get a chance I am going to write up some tutorials on photographic techniques that I use - and while doing that I will hopefully get some time to take some shots.

I will hopefully get a couple of new lenses in the next few weeks - I am looking forward to that!