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15 November `03
Doctors are just overpaid motor mechanics!

Some thoughts went through my mind tonight at work, and they werent about the work that I was doing! Soon the photography section of shintara will be up and running, if the idea that I have for that section comes through it should be impressive.

I am very lazy at the moment - so nothings happening!

Latest Imagary
Seen this image on a Commonwealth Bank pamphlet before?

The brouchure is titled "Commonwealth Bank Foundation" -

Image specs:
Camera: Canon EOS 10d, Lens: 70-200 Sigma
Shooting mode: Manual, Shutter speed: 1/6, Aperture: 2.8, Focal length: 70mm, ISO: 100

I need a break from this whole computer thing and the whole net thing. I think I am getting the raw end of the deal at the moment, so its time to pack my bags for a little while and contemplate on whats next.

Updates have been few and far between, I am losing interest in the whole thing so I have decided that its time to take it easy have that break and come back with a new avengance! It may be a week, 3 weeks or 2 months - I dont know, but when I am back you will know about it.

Take care - till next time, stay cool and be merry - lifes to short!