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17 April `04
This site is stagnant, I had a look at it tonight and thought, "fuck this is looking third rate!"

This means only one thing...
Shintara will be getting a total revamp some time soon, this time I want to build the site with a very strong backbone, so that means that it will take some time - and to be honest I havent coded a web site since I coded this current one back in July 2003. I have some ideas on what I want to do, but till I start doing it I wont know what its going to look or be like. One thing I can promise is that the site wont be as bland or boring as the current look.

I am still ummmming and ahrrrrring about whether to keep the photography section on or to move it over to and keep it as a seperate entity to I have started fiddling with a design for shintara photography, knowing how I think and the way thoughts process through the cerebellum and hemispheres of my brain I will probably change my mind before it progresses any further.

Hill End and back via the Bridle Track
The above link is starting to become very stale, but I cant be bothered changing it for the time being - call me lazy if you wish :]

Latest Imagary

My first post with the new L series lens. This shot was taken over looking the Hunter Valley vineyards. I have fallen in love with L series glass - I am going to save up for some more!

Next Time
Next update will be bigger - I promise!