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Camp #10 – 2023; We’ve hit double digits!
Posted on 11 September 2023 by

A return to old trusty, Hill End on camp number 10 for 2023. It has been a big year for camping and there is nothing better than getting out there with nature. TBH it’s been a blessing in disguise travelling so often for work, there has been many a weekend where it’s just a little…

Camp #09 – 2023; One to tick off the list
Posted on 2 September 2023 by

I’ve been travelling a bit for work lately, it has its benefits. I was stationed at Orange NSW for two weeks and there’s no guessing what I did during the weekend in between (18th & 19th August). Ophir is a place I’ve wanted to visit for quite a number of years but it’s just never…

Camp #08 – 2023; The explorer edition
Posted on 4 August 2023 by

There’s something special about travelling solo remotely; every path is your choice, no deadlines, no expectations, just go your own way. Sometimes there is a bit of reckless abandon, this was my case heading into Lidsdale State Forest and Marrangaroo National Park without another car to assist if the going got tough, without winch and…

Camp #07 – 2023; It’s been a long while
Posted on 23 July 2023 by

Seventeen years long to be precise! The last time I camped in this particular spot at Ration Point times were different and camping was simple – pack your tent, air mattress, a table or two, chair and an esky. With the notoriety of technology I am guilty of overlooking those once simple things and arrive…

Camp #06 – 2023; Dalys Clearing, Belangelo State Forest
Posted on 8 June 2023 by

Yes, you read right, Belangelo State Forest the infamous forest you’ve heard about for all the wrong reasons! Truth be known this is a slightly late post, three weeks late to be frank. I’ve been away for work and caught Covid. Anyway, Dalys Clearing was a camp site that I wanted to tick off the…

Camp #05 – 2023; The Anzac weekend round trip, Lake Wallace return…
Posted on 27 April 2023 by

With an earlier than anticipated start to the trip I commenced packing Saturday morning (22nd April) and was on the road in the trusty Hilux at 11:45am with a quick pit stop to get some much needed supplies. Next stop Glenbrook for a pie and some cakes, whenever I am heading away on a trek…

Camp #04 – 2023; Upper Turon, Hill End & Sofala
Posted on 26 March 2023 by

With an ADO booked in for Friday, the trip began with an early get away and a quick pit stop at Mountain High Pies for a feed, then a quick flick at the Upper Turon. The Turon is fishing well, maybe the term “well” is a lie, it is the best I’ve ever seen! Fast…

Camp #03 – 2023, day 3
Posted on 26 February 2023 by

The day started with a trip to Hill End tip – note, always either take your rubbish with you or dispose of in an appropriate place 🙂 Food, because an empty stomach is a no no After the tip a quick visit to Hill End Estate for a curry pie and slice of carrot cake,…

Camp #03 – 2023, day 2
Posted on by

Goobs to the Mudge, then back to old trusty – the end!

Camp #03 – 2023, day 1
Posted on 25 February 2023 by

Day 1 at the Goobs (Coorongooba) 🙂