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24 May `04
Right at this present moment of time I am watching some very stimulating TV, American Pie 2! Yep you are talking to Foxtel addict numero uno, pay TV rocks my world.

The new shintara design is coming along, not sure how long its going to take to implement but I thought I would keep this updated while construction is happening on the new look.

The camping/fishing adventure of the previous weekend was a great success. Starting this update and over the next few updates I will post the photo's from the trip, I hope you enjoy these photos. Stay tuned for more...

Hill End and back via the Bridle Track
The above link is starting to become very stale, but I cant be bothered changing it for the time being - call me lazy if you wish :]

Latest Imagary

Early morning mist on the Clyde River, the river was still, really still, the canoes didnt move an inch, the air was crisp and clean - I was in Gods country, it was spectacular.

Am I Safe?
Every day there are news headlines of people getting murdered, stabbed, bash or having some kind of violent act happening to them. In retrospect if your life revolves around drugs, violence or other kinds of law breaking activities then I suppose what goes around comes around... karma.

In the case of the average normal everyday person such as myself and most probably yourself as your reading this violence doesnt revolve around our lives and we read (well I do most days on about people getting stabbed, shot or bashed in the cities we live in. I often wonder if anything like this could or would happen to me, even though I try to avoid compromising situations, such as when I finish work at midnight and have to walk to my car, I try and park in a well lit area, prepare my keys before I reach the car and walk damn fast.

Its a crazy world that we live in, I just hope I dont get involved in someones random crazyness.

Of late there have been quite a number of bands forming from the disassociation of other bands, some are good and others bad, one of the better bands of this genre are Audioslave which formed from the break up of Rage Against the Machine and Soundgarden.

Move over Audioslave because here comes Velvet Revolver, which are the offspring of Guns n` Roses, Stone Temple Pilots and Wasted Youth. Slash, Duff McKagan, Matt Sorum, Scott Weiland and Dave Kushner have put together what I class as a musical masterpiece or raw adrenaline, high strung guitar and melodies that make the band stand out a cut above the rest.

Though the bands debut album (CD) is due to be released in Australia within the next few weeks, you can take a sneak preview of thier single SLITHER at Scott Weiland's vocals are reminiscant of Chris Cornells, the heavy guitar riffs of Slash and Dave Kushner give it a heavy edge and solid rythem thanks to Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum is pounded through your external auditory meatus into your cerebelum where it then gains momentum moving through both hemispheres of the brain causing a euphoric musical state. Yep I am hooked and I cant wait till the CD comes out - I will be the first to get it!